About Us


ManiMe is a family creation

Children are a great source of inspiration in our daily lives, however they also have the ability to challenge parents and caregivers as they strive for independence at an early age.

ManiMe evolved over several years in a household of working parents and two nursery and primary aged children. The "morning routine" could be especially challenging getting everyone ready to leave the house on time.

So what could make our mornings better, more organised and more fun?

The ManiMe was created and become integral in our organisation for the day ahead enabling the children to choose their clothes and as they got older set out their school uniform, PE kit or other required attire the evening before when time was available. 

Children strive and thrive on daily routines. The ManiMe has the scale and dimension required to encourage your child to independently dress themselves in a fun and interactive way. A valet chair for children. Parents and caregivers can watch them succeed. 

It’s so much more than just a chair...



ManiMe is committed to sustainability and is a proud sponsor of Climate-Wise whom offer a global solution leading the way in providing both investment into climate change products as well as supporting local communities with education and lifestyle change initiatives to reduce the footprints being generated piece by piece.

To learn more visit climate-wise.com