It’s so much more than just a chair...

ManiMe is a fun and interactive range of animal themed children's chairs designed to encourage independent dressing

🐻 Rich brown enhancing the natural beauty of the bamboo.

🐻 ManiMe shoulders are the dimension of a children's clothes hanger, perfect to hang open items such as shirts and cardigans

🐻 The hook on the reverse of each ManiMe is ideal for hanging dresses, skirts and shorts straight from the wardrobe

🐻 The ears of each ManiMe operate like a 2nd tier clothes hanger giving the perfect place to hang top layers such as jackets and blazer

🐻 Side slots are featured on each ManiMe, designed to hang undergarments and socks

🐻 Shoes can be placed underneath the ManiMe to complete the dressing experience

Chair height of 12 inches, clean and simple perfect for nursery aged children


📐 Dimensions: Seat Height 12", Back Height 30", Width 12", Depth 12"

🌲 Each ManiMe is crafted from sustainable bamboo. Bamboo is a natural grass that has had no pesticides, is strong, durable and beautiful. Empowering our children and supporting our environment

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