The Power of Learning through Guided Play

Designed by:
A busy working mum
inspired by observation

Targeted to:
Nursery and primary
aged children

Designed for:
Parents, Caregivers,

Ask yourself honestly how are your school day mornings?

If you are a vision of Mary Poppins bouncing with your bundles of joy to the school gates  then please continue with your day. If however they could run a little smoother, then we have an award winning product that can help to transform your morning routines.

How would you like to:

1. Encourage your children to be more independent in organizational and functional tasks

2. Reduce stress and anxiety in the time crunched mornings

3. Improve harmony in the home

4. Avoid digging in the wardrobe (or laundry basket) for items needed for that day

5. Positively encourage the development of gross and fine motor skills

6. Create a stylish, designated zone and a routine that helps your child feel an overwhelming sense of pride and achievement

Beautifully crafted from sustainable bamboo, ManiMe is an award winning valet chair for children. 

How can the ManiMe help me and my family?

Through interactive guided play the ManiMe valet chair and accessories range engage your child to encourage organisational, gross and fine motor skills to encourage independent dressing.

Children strive and thrive on routines and once the ManiMe is established in the daily routine it will become a healthy habit that can last a lifetime.

Functional Problems

The Majority of nursery and primary children cannot reach a standard height wardrobe and would not select the "required" clothes even if they could. The reality is mornings are stressful, distractions are easy and frustrations can fly.

The ManiMe Solution

Each ManiMe features a three-tier hanging system with the scale and dimension of children's hangers encompassing a button hook and allocated spaces for socks, undergarments and shoes.

The concept is to encourage supervised children to "dress" their chosen (and often named) ManiMe the night before when time is available. We made this process super FUN in our house until one day they had simply prepared the ManiMe themselves saving me time and tears in the morning.

The accessories range includes the ManiMe mirror which is intended to be wall hung inches above the ManiMe valet chair to created a stylish and designated space. It offers the ultimate "check me out" experience and a height chart shaped as an oversize ruler for extra fun and a family keepsake of their growth.

It was and remains a feature in our daily routines because it is EFFECTIVE and REWARDING for them (and YOU).

Quite Simply, ManiMe solves a functional problem in a positive manner.

Our Collection

ManiMe Cub

ManiMe Cub

ManiMe Graduate

ManiMe Graduate



"Play gives children opportunity to develop skills,  to learn, to solve problems and grow healthy relationships."
Paul Ramchandani,
the PEDAL Centre at the University of Cambridge

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